Are There More Than 1,000 Homes On Your Street?

Are There More Than 1,000 Homes On Your Street?


Ever wonder why small streets in Mississauga have addresses that start in the 1000’s?

This is the explanation given on The City Of Mississauga’s website:

“To assist emergency services, most addresses in the City of Mississauga follow a grid system. Grid lines run along main roads and individual addresses are measured from these lines, increasing as you go east and west from Hurontario Street and north from Lake Ontario. The grid allows for a house number for every 10 feet (3 metres) of frontage, so there are often gaps (or unused addresses) between house numbers.

For example, in the address 3125   Dixie Road, the first 3 indicates that the address is north of Dundas Street East (but south of Burnhamthorpe Road   East) and the 125 indicates that the building is 1250 feet (381 metres) north of Dundas   Street.

Even numbers are generally on the south side of east-west streets and on the west side of north-south streets. There are, however many exceptions to these rules, especially in older areas of the City such as Port Credit and Streetsville.”