Mississauga Transit Gets $1 Million

Mississauga Transit Gets $1 Million

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Reposted July 11, 2020

Mississauga is set to receive close to $1 million from the province to put towards cleaning its public transit system.

Recently, Nina Tangri, MPP for Mississauga-Streetsville, announced that the province is providing Mississauga with $743,937 to cover additional cleaning costs of municipal transit systems due to COVID-19.

The funding is part of $15 million in provincial support for 110 municipalities across the province that will be towards enhanced transit cleaning as Ontario gradually reopens.

“As Ontario continues to recover from COVID-19, public transit systems will play a crucial role in ensuring that Ontarians can return to work,” said Nina Tangri, MPP for Mississauga-Streetsville, in a statement.

“This funding will ensure that Mississauga’s transit system will remain clean and safe.”

The funding comes at a time when Mississauga is reporting a close to $60 million deficit due to lockdown measures associated with the pandemic.

According to a recent budget committee report, the city lost about $44.8 million on MiWay revenue alone by June 30, as fare collection did not resume until July 2.

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