6 Quick Decorating Tips to Get Your Home Ready For the Holiday Season

6 Quick Decorating Tips to Get Your Home Ready For the Holiday Season

Decorating Photo1. When it comes to holiday decorating, we all know how easy it is to get overwhelmed with all of the different types of decorations that are in stores. This is why it’s best to have a theme in mind when going holiday décor shopping. This theme will not only make the shopping easier, but it will also make your home look more put together, while still festive and inviting.

2. The most important part of making your home feel ready for the holidays, is to make sure it SMELLS like the holidays. No, I don’t mean you have to haul an entire Christmas tree from the woods into your home but simply going into Bath and Body works and picking up a few holiday candles will do the trick! Or just baking cookies before guests arrive will work just as well!

3. Going along with the whole theme, be sure to pick out a color scheme of no more than three colors. This will make the decorating consistent and less busy.

4. Giving your home a different feel for the holiday season is what this is all about! So what better way to do that than to rearrange some furniture? Not only may this make it easier for the whole family to be together and have conversations, but it’ll also go hand in hand with creating that new look you’re going for this season!

5. Just because you might change your colour scheme and theme from year to year, doesn’t mean you need to dish out hundreds of dollars on coloured lights each year. Using white lights looks very nice with any theme or colour scheme and best of all, you don’t have to keep purchasing lights!

6. Candles have the tendency to make a home feel a lot more warm and cozy; so don’t be afraid of lighting a lot of them! (They don’t all have to be scented). Candles can also bring that holiday feel into other rooms such as washrooms and kitchens, which are often left out!