Great Family Traditions to Celebrate the Holidays!

Great Family Traditions to Celebrate the Holidays!

The holiday season is a great time to build lifelong memories with your family.  Creating family traditions take just a little time and energy to plan. We’ve put together a list of traditions to inspire your own holiday traditions and make the season more merrier. It’s nice to start them early with esp. when you have little ones so as they grow it would be part of their memories.  The best and most enduring traditions start in the heart and soul of your family, so make it your own.

1. Visit a Tree Farm

Start your family’s holiday festivities by visiting  a local Christmas tree farm to search for the perfect tree. Chances are, you’ll do more than find a tree: Many tree farms offer hayrides, sleigh rides, and other family-friendly activities.

2. Bake Cookies

Organize a cookie-baking party. Invite friends and family, or a group of your kids’ friends. Ask everyone to bring their favorite holiday cookie recipe and assign a task to each one. After baking and when the cookies are cooled, the best part begins: decorating. Lay out assorted color frostings, sprinkles, and small candies, and watch everyone’s imagination soar as you make cookie creations.Walk door to door delivering Christmas cookies after you’ve made a batch.

3. Pose for a Picture

Whether you’re decked out in new PJs or in your holiday finest, strike a pose with your family during holiday gatherings. To make this an annual tradition, take the pictures at the same location and camera height each year. Label the backs of each photo with the year they are taken.

4. Make Traditional holiday dishes

For your holiday meals include foods from your culture or foods you ate growing up. Ask for recipes from relatives to keep your family food traditions alive. Keep it the same every holidays for tradition’s sake.

5.  Camp out in front of your Christmas tree.

Keep the tree lights on, read holiday stories, and snack on holiday treats.  Check out holiday lights in your area if you don’t feel sleepy yet. Get in the car, turn on your holiday playlist, and find brightly lit houses.